And so it begins…

Living Broken

This first post has been months, years in the making. I wanted an outlet to tell my story. An outlet to vent the pain. An outlet to allow for healing. I know some say that people are not “broken” that we all have had circumstances in this life that have hurt us and changed us but that we are not broken. I disagree. Yes we have circumstances that change us and yes if these are few throughout life and considered normal in the world we will then yes I think you are hurt and can heal. There are some us out here that have one after another traumatic event happen, rapid succession, never allow us to catch our breath or make sense of one before must then face the next. In these situations   I feel there is a ….shift…. a fracture … undeniable and irreversible change inside of that person … inside of me….a brokenness that I carry throughout my life.  I want to use this blog as a walk along my journey. From start to finish. Maybe if I can pour it all out in words it will start to make sense. Not looking for followers (but you can walk along if it will help), not looking for sympathy or for someone to approve or even understand. This will simply be the story of my wanderings in this world and journey back to myself. You are welcome to walk with me if you feel the call.


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